Artist Statement

My role as a maker is to leave something of value behind.


Single-use objects are a staple of contemporary society, and yet, carry little value or significance. I aim to remove degrees of separation between audience and artist by individually shaping one of a kind, carefully crafted ceramic pieces. This impulse for connection is intimately tied to my response to a constantly shifting and disposable landscape. When fired, clay is a lasting material. Tangible ceramic objects have the ability to serve as a link to the past and a connection to traditions, values and family history by providing something to hold on to. These objects create their own history and narrative, combined with that of the users and families they are part of. I pour myself into the work, as I strive to create heirloom quality objects that are approachable, touchable, usable, and made by human hand.


My work is rooted in traditional studio pottery techniques. By using porcelain, lusters, decals, and glaze, I create sculptural, organic forms, which quietly integrate as part of everyday living due to the humble and familiar nature of my chosen material. Fondness for the clean lines of Mid-Century modern design and contemporary spaces guide my process. My practice is shaped by ideas of balance, form, contrast in texture and color of clay and glaze.


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