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Artist Statement

In my studio practice, the work moves between form and function as I think about fluidity of materials, process and time. Drawing on parallels between the unpredictability of the ceramic process and the shortcomings I often feel as an immigrant, woman, wife, mother and educator. Obsessed with succeeding, becoming something of value and the connectedness as I sit and shape intricate clay objects. 


Refining fragile forms, resilient to time and change in hopes that the biomorphic exterior will forge a relationship with the viewer and prevent them from being discarded as remnants of their maker.

Keeping these thoughts in check, I walk into the studio and make. Pushing my work in many directions, using and exploring materials I wouldn’t have otherwise. The Blooop series emerged as I regained control by making joyful objects full of childlike wonder. With feeling of play, without judgment, the work is loud, unapologetic; mine. 

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